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What are your products or services really worth? How much will your clients pay? And how will your competitors respond?

No matter what you are selling price has a huge impact on the value that you place on your products or services. Price can also have a huge impact on your bottom line profitability; it can change your behaviours in your market and can even transform your competitive landscape.

Some clients would pay more, and there are times when you could actually charge more. None of your clients will tell you this but they are always ready to tell you when your prices are too high. Creating the right value in your clients mind is one of the most powerful drivers in convincing your client to buy from you.

This course is aimed at supporting you to move your clients and business upwards, it is designed to show you how to create a perception of value in the clients mind. Ultimately no-one buys on price all of the time, but everybody looks for some sort of value in their buying decision.

This course is designed to explode the myth that clients are looking for the cheapest price; it also explodes the myth that you have to always lower your prices to win business. Pervious participants from this course have come away with some inspiring messages and true belief that they are worth what they think they are worth.

Participants will learn:

  How to create a sense of value in their brand
  What clients really want from their business relationships
  How to communicate a genuinely better service
  How to differentiate yourselves from your competitors
  The benefits of “going the extra mile
  The power of competitor knowledge
  To understand what exactly you are giving away when you lower your prices
  How to position your price and minimise the pricing objection

The course is supported by group exercises and role plays to enhance the learning experience of all participants and validate new skills which have been learnt.

All participants will take away from the course:
•  A bespoke participant workbook
•  Exercises to support the learning back in the workplace
•  A personal action plan to show key actions and associated outcomes back in the workplace
•  A set of objectives to be discussed with their line manager for further individual development
•  The continuing support of ISP (Training)

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