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The business world is changing at a pace rarely seen before, for some the times ahead will represent some significant challenges. The issue is that if you continue to perform at a level you have in the past then it may not be good enough to engage with success in the future.

To get different results you have to do something differently, you don’t necessarily need to work a lot harder you just need to do a few things better than your competitors….and if you do this then chances are you will win more business than they will.

In today’s business world the role of the seller has changed, now the roll of the seller must be to help improve and develop their clients business. The seller today must add significant value to their clients; they must be a specialist, a problem solver, a relationship manager and partner to their clients business.

This course is designed to support the whole process of achieving different results. The course can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and can be run over one, two or three days.

Participants will learn:
  How to control a client visit to fully understand their requirements
  How to create a difference by following tried and tested sales techniques
  The techniques required to get the right information through effective questioning skills
  How to develop rapport through understanding and using body language on non-verbal communication skills
  How to overcome client objections with intelligent, non-aggressive reasoned discussions
  Practice the skills learnt during the course through role play and feedback
  Understand the principles of negotiation and how to minimize the pricing objection
  Identify key differentiators in your service compared to your competitors
  Recognise the importance of asking for the business and closing the sale

The course is supported by group exercises and role plays to enhance the learning experience of all participants and validate new skills which have been learnt.

All participants will take away from the course:
•  A bespoke participant workbook
•  Exercises to support the learning back in the workplace
•  A personal action plan to show key actions and associated outcomes back in the workplace
•  A set of objectives to be discussed with their line manager for further individual development
•  The continuing support of ISP (Training)

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