Andy Cain - Inspiring superior performance
Andy Cain has over 20 years of successful sales and sales management experience which he is now using to help develop other people and equip them with the skills they need to improve their chances of success in today’s very competitive marketplace.

The development of people is very important to Andy, as a trainer, coach and mentor to many people he recognises quickly what is required to help people achieve their goals and personal objectives. He gets a great sense of achievement out of seeing people he has supported achieve success. Andy is an accomplished trainer who inspires superior performance from those who attend his courses and workshops. His techniques give people the focus and confidence to work within a competitive market and produce improved results which put them ahead of their competitors.

Whilst Andy has a wealth of experience he also recognises that the world is an ever changing place and to continue to be successful you must have the most up to date skills and knowledge. Having recently completed an intensive Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Sales with The Chartered Institute of Marketing, he is now even more equipped to support others.

Andy takes enormous pride in his work, remains focused on the task in hand and genuinely seeks to achieve excellent results at all times….

"Firstly I would like to say thank you for creating a great atmosphere throughout the two day course, it was a really productive environment to work in. A second thank you has to be said for conveying the content in such an easily digestible format. The skills and tips that we had gone through have defiantly helped me; I'd like to express my gratitude as it is not often that someone is able to positively influence a career and to such an immediate effect".

One of his main strengths is being able to create time to fully his client’s requirements now and for the future, and then fully engage with his participants throughout their learning experience.

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