Andy Cain - Inspiring superior performance
ISP (Training) was formed following a participants comments on a training course which I was running... "You inspire superior performance". That was one of the comments that started a change in my life.

Up to that point I had been employed by a good company, in a job which I loved and worked with a group of people who I admired and who had a mutual opinion of me. But that phrase stuck with me for a number of months.

So in January 2008 I took the plunge and started my own training company, I had the desire, the motivation, over 20 years experience of winning new business, developing existing clients and managing salespeople.

I knew the training world I was getting into was a very competitive one, and my competitors would range from people just like me to organisations that employed people like me to develop their business and their training brand. However, just before I started someone told me that "there is enough business to go round for all of us".

But how was I going to get a share of that business? why would people want to buy from me?

I needed to let people know what made me different:

•  I had done the job and experienced virtually every selling situation you can find yourself in
•  I had a successful track record of achieving significant volumes of sales at good profit margins
•  I have a genuine desire to see the outcome of any training that I carry out and actively encourage participants of my courses to stay in touch and challenge me with and sales situations in which they need extra support
•  I like to first listen to and understand a customerís requirements before offering a solution
•  I truly believe that no matter what your market looks like, increasing or declining, there is always someone somewhere who wants to buy your product or service. You just need to find them and be better than your competitors to convert them

So thatís how it all started, a bucket load of self belief, a bucket load of determination, a bucket load of experience and handful of good business contacts who wanted to support me and have me support them.

I look forward to discussing with you if I could add value to your business.
Andy Cain
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